Final Outcome's   

Over the course of my project I had to exhibit three final outcomes. Two being responses to my sets and one final piece at the end of the project


My first outcome was reasonable simple and probably my least interesting. For the piece I simply choose two photos I thought best represented my set from the Berlin trip and chose to mount street photography photos which I considered quite interesting.


For my second piece I decided to think a lot more about what exactly I wanted to show as an outcome from my sets. By this point in the project I had started to look at tourists and there perspective of the city (evident in my earlier set) so for the final piece I printed off a selection of the photos paying close attention to the composition and framing of them, so I could then crop them down to focus on the cameras and people in the photos and so that I could mount them in a interesting pattern that matched the composition. I feel it was a vast improvement over the previous set.


For my final outcome I already knew that I wanted to take a series of photos focused around the event of valentines day in the style of street photography, showing varying situations and subjects. On top of this during the course of my personal study I cam along this quote by Berenice Abbot:
"Suppose we took a thousand negatives and made a gigantic montage: a myriad-faceted picture containing the elegances, the squalor, the curiosities, the monuments, the sad faces, the triumphant faces, the power, the irony, the strength, the decay, the past, the present, the future of a city – that would be my favourite picture."
This was essentially the basis for my final piece. I thought about presenting them in some form based around negatives; either in shape or style, but that proved to difficult and reasonable pointless. Instead of this i decided that a montage of photos all different shapes and positions would prove much more interesting.
I started by simply playing with the positioning and size of shapes on a white background, just to see what would work and what would not.
I then tried it with some similar photos of mine and actually tried composing them relative to the frame, again simply to practice and prepare for when i took the photos.
Once I had taken the photos I had needed I made a selection of the best and tried composing them in to a collage on power point, once I had the composition I wanted I photo shopped the pictures to prepare for printing and played with the saturation of the photos and applied HDR toning to some of them so that similar colors and objects were prominent in all of the photos. I then calculated the size difference between the pictures and the frame and mounted them into a frame.
Here Is a print screen of the piece I made on power point